21 June 2018
Intervista ad Anna Stohr
Ospite al prossimo Adventure Outdoor Fest
Climbing is her life, she loves nature, she is passionate about skiing, mountainbike, traveling, cinema and she likes to drink good coffee. Her motivation is not to constantly test herself, but to live and enjoy the beauty of the moment. Anna Stöhr, a living legend of female bouldering, will be one of the many guests of the Adventure Outdoor Fest 2018, in San candido Innichen.
Adventure Outdoor Italia interviewed her for Climbing Radio.

Climbing has been admitted to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, confirming the trend of growth and diffusion of this sport. Do you recognize a change in climbing comparing when you started with today? What kind of change?
Yes, climbing has definitely changed a lot since I started. For one it has become a mainstream sport. A lot of climbing gyms have been built all across the globe and therefore climbing is a lot more accessible. This is of course a good development because it is beneficial for the health to practice sport. On the other hand the climbing areas are more and more crowded and we have to educate the newcomers how to behave outside. This is a huge responsibility for all the climbers. In competition climbing it could be an advantage to be an olympic sport because hopefully many federations will receive more funding and therefore will be able to send their athletes to international events. In Austria we have had a strong federation for many years now and I am lucky to be part of it. But I remember many fellow athletes who had to pay their flights and travel expenses by themselves without help from a federation. So hoepfuly this situation will improve.
Climbing has a strong link with the rock, the environment and the nature. Do you think the relationship with nature, rock, the external environment will continue to be respectful and protective or will it suffer the consequences, not always positive, of the ever increasing number of practitioners?
I think we have a huge responsibility to protect our nature. It is important to educate the newcomers and make sure that climbing can be sustainable by not littering, brushing off tickmarks, reducing noise at the crag,.... It is surely a great challenge that so many people start to love the sport.
You have participated in many competitions, winning also the world cup. Now you choose much more the outdoor climbing. What is the difference between winning the world cup and completing your rock project as an 8c pitch or a very hard Boulder?
I have always tried to balance rock climbing and competitions because I love both. Also during my most succesful time I was always climbing both inside and outside. For me climbing outdoors boosts my motivation because I love being in nature. It does not have to be a hard boulder or a difficult route I also enjoy the moment while climbing easier things. I truly love to travel to new areas and explore the potential. Competition climbing is thrilling and exciting. You have to focus 100% and try to give everything. Additionally you meet so many like-minded climbers from all across the globe, which is really cool.
About rock grades: Barbara Zangerl just made an incredible performance at Voralpsee. What do you think about it? Are we going to see you in something similar in the future?
Babsi is an extremly strong and well-rounded climber and therefore a huge inspiration to me. For now I am recovering from an injury, but who knows what the future will bring?!
You have just returned from the Czech Republic, have you climbed strongly? Did you succeed in your projects?
My project for this trip was to gain confidence on the wall. At the end of February I injured my back and I was not able to climb for 1 month. The trip to Czech Republic brought back the joy that I usually feel while climbing. So, yes, I succeeded :) .
This year during the Adventure Outdoor Fest in San Candido, the second edition of the 3 Cime Street Boulder is going to take place. Are we going to see you in action climbing some of the buildings of San Candido?
Due to my recent injury I am not able to boulder yet since jumping down is rather bad for the discs. Therefore I won't join the 3 Cime Street Boulder Contest. Maybe next time.

If you are curious to meet Anna and talk with her, the appointment is on June 30 in San Candido for the sixth edition of the Adventure Outdoor Fest